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Lee Scott

Lee “Wakarutoshi” Scott has been training under Michael “Jutoshi” Eichenberg , the current head of the Banzenkan for over the past 13 years in the art of aiki ninjutsu. Currently Lee holds a 5th degree black belt in the Banzenkan organization and the title of “Wakarutoshi”, meaning “warrior blade of understanding”. Lee has made it his life’s mission to explore the nature of violence and fear to help his community with addressing their safety and self-defense concerns. Lee considers it important for any instructor in martial arts to seek continuous training and improvement for himself as well, so on the days where Lee is not teaching he can usually be found in Naperville at The Warrior’s Edge Dojo training in aiki ninjutsu under Mr. Eichenberg or in aikido under 7th degree black belt, Sensei Johnny Tenegra.

Lee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has experience in the fields of elder abuse, abuse against persons’ with disabilities, and domestic violence. Through his social work experience, Lee has joined many agencies in helping address the safety needs of DeKalb County’s citizens through associations with the Vulnerable Adult Roundtable, DeKalb County TRAID, and Illinois Imagines teams. It is his firm belief that the solution to the threat of violence is to empower those who would be victimized with the skills and knowledge to properly escape dangerous situations and seek needed assistance.


Over 20 years of martial arts experience

5th Degree Black Belt in Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu

2nd Degree Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

State Licensed Investigator for Adult Protective Services

Certified S. A. F. E. (Safety Awareness Fundamental Education) Instructor

Lee Scott instructs the following:
  • Aiki Ninjutsu Skills and Drills
  • This Aiki Ninjutsu class is taught by Lee Scott, a 4th degree black belt in the Banzenkan organization and holder of the title of "Wakarutoshi", meaning "warrior blade of understanding". The eclectic art of Aiki Ninjutsu translates as "art of harmonious perseverance". Beginners in this centuries old culmination of samurai and ninjutsu skills and strategies will be instructed in the following: The "16 Treasured Fists" method of striking, Aiki Kihon Happo (8 basic ways of Harmony) Ninpo Kihon Happo (8 Basic Ways of Perseverance), and Ukemi (hitting the ground safely). These initial skills will be the foundation upon which additional skills, techniques, principles, and secrets will be built. These basic skills will remain an essential part of training to forever be revisited and refined in the pursuit of achieving true mastery.

  • Aiki Ninjutsu Kyu Curriculum
  • Aiki Ninjutsu students who have successfully earned their yellow belts through the Skills and Drills program will earn the right to enroll into the second phase of Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu training where the student focuses on the secrets of martial arts and how to properly apply them in both self-defense and in other areas of life.