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Tom Scott

Sensei Tom Scott is a retired police Lieutenant from the Sycamore Police Department. Lt. Scott has served over thirty years in the law enforcement profession starting in 1976 as a DeKalb County Sheriff's Police Explorer, Sandwich Police Dispatcher, Somonauk Police Patrolman, Cortland Police Officer, and various roles at Sycamore Police from juvenile officer, D.A.R.E./School Reasource Officer, investigator, under-cover officer, police arrest and control instructor, Elderly Service Officer, interim police chief  and Commander of Community Services. Tom is currently certified through the Illinois Department on Aging as an Adult Protection Services Investigator.  Tom has been practicing martial arts since the late 1970's has presented self-defense and safety programs to his community for over thirty years. Sensei Tom is an 8th degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate and certified to teach Tai Chi for Health and R.A.D Kids and R.A.D. for Women Safety programs. His dream to open up a family martial arts school became reality in early 2014 when he and his four black belt sons opened the doors to Hero Martial arts.

Tom Scott instructs the following:
  • Hero Combatives
  • Adult programs are based upon the TENKAICHI-DO system. This translates to " The Path of the strongest under the Heavens" or more literally "Best on Earth". This system adapts to the modern world using techniques from various martial arts. The arts included are Karate, Muay Thai, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu,Jeet Kune Do, Apache Knife fighting,Combat Sambo,Krav Maga and more. TENKAICHI-DO is a two branch system-meaning that it teaches and exercises both martial arts techniques as well as physical attributes (strength,speed,agility,reflexes,etc.) as they are seen as equally important within this system. Where many traditional martial arts focus on forms and set movements, these programs will focus heavily on drills and interactive scenarios. Hero Combative and Tomorro's Heroes are based on the following 4 cycle systems: KICKBOXING,CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT (CQC),GRAPPLING and WEAPONS training.