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Martial Arts & Personal Safety Classes in DeKalb, IL


Modern self-defense and traditional warrior training combine in Aiki Ninjutsu! This class is taught by Lee Scott, a 5th degree black belt in the Banzenkan organization and holder of the title of "Wakarutoshi", meaning "warrior blade of understanding". The eclectic art of Aiki Ninjutsu translates as "art of harmonious perseverance". Beginners in this centuries old culmination of samurai and ninjutsu skills and strategies will be instructed in the following: The "16 Treasured Fists" method of striking, Aiki Kihon Happo (8 basic ways of Harmony), and Ukemi (hitting the ground safely). These initial skills will be the foundation upon which additional skills, techniques, principles, and secrets will be built. These basic skills will remain an essential part of training to forever be revisited and refined in the pursuit of achieving true mastery.


Traditional Weapons and Meditation

This class instructs students in the traditional Japanese weapon skills of the samurai and ninja as taught in the Banzenkan organization. Tools utilized are the katana (sword), rokushaku bo (six foot staff), hanbo (3 foot staff), kusari fundo (weighted chain), tanto (knife), and shuriken (throwing blades). In addition to earning certifications in these instruments, students will also participate in guided meditation meant to enrich both their martial skill and every day life.


TOMORROW'S HEROES (Children's classes)

Tomorrow's Heroes (children) programs are based upon the TENKAICHI-DO system. Children focused programs will train students in self-discipline, motor coordination, physical self-defense, verbal de-escalation, bully prevention, child predator escapes, active shooter safety, and other skills. This is achieved through the use of active games, role playing, and physical and mental exercises. Students will learn skills to help empower them to make appropriate choices in response to threatening situations and work towards developing themselves as confident and unique human beings.


 Hero Combatives

Adult programs are based upon the TENKAICHI-DO system. This translates to " The Path of the strongest under the Heavens" or more literally "Best on Earth". This system adapts to the modern world using techniques from various martial arts. The arts included are Karate, Muay Thai, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu,Jeet Kune Do, Apache Knife fighting,Combat Sambo,Krav Maga and more. TENKAICHI-DO is a two branch system-meaning that it teaches and exercises both martial arts techniques as well as physical attributes (strength,speed,agility,reflexes,etc.) as they are seen as equally important within this system. Where many traditional martial arts focus on forms and set movements, these programs will focus heavily on drills and interactive scenarios. Hero Combative and Tomorro's Heroes are based on the following 4 cycle systems: KICKBOXING,CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT (CQC),GRAPPLING and WEAPONS training.


taichi family  

This unique easy going program is great for adults, especially seniors, or anyone needing a break from the daily grind. May be taught to participants standing or sitting. With physician consent, it is largely recommended for adults recovering from certain injury or illness as appropriate physical theraphy.  This Tai Chi (meaning Grand Ultimate) is based on the Sun (pronounced Soong) style of Tai Chi. This slow, graceful form may increase flexibility, energy, muscle strength, balance, correct body posture and integrate mind, body and spirit.  This "meditation in motion" is perfect for any adult wishing to reduce stress and improve flexibility and develope strong graceful movements. This easy to learn  program is benefitial to adults with or without percieved physical limitations. This Tai Chi program is practiced world wide for health and wellness.  Many arthritis foundations and organizations support this program around the world. Powerful Qigong exercises are also taught to improve relaxation and facilitate healing.  Taught by Tom Scott, a certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor.