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Lee “Wakarutoshi” Scott has been training under Michael “Jutoshi” Eichenberg , the current head of the Banzenkan for over the past 13 years in the art of aiki ninjutsu. Currently Lee holds a 5th degree black belt in the Banzenkan organization and the title of “Wakarutoshi”, meaning “warrior blade of understanding”. Lee has made it his life’s mission to explore the nature of violence and fear to help his community with addressing their safety and self-defense concerns. Lee considers it important for any instructor in martial arts to seek continuous training and improvement for himself as well, so on the days where Lee is not teaching he can usually be found in Naperville at The Warrior’s Edge Dojo training in aiki ninjutsu under Mr. Eichenberg or in aikido under 7th degree black belt, Sensei Johnny Tenegra.

Lee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has experience in the fields of elder abuse, abuse against persons’ with disabilities, and domestic violence. Through his social work experience, Lee has joined many agencies in helping address the safety needs of DeKalb County’s citizens through associations with the Vulnerable Adult Roundtable, DeKalb County TRAID, and Illinois Imagines teams. It is his firm belief that the solution to the threat of violence is to empower those who would be victimized with the skills and knowledge to properly escape dangerous situations and seek needed assistance.


Over 20 years of martial arts experience

5th Degree Black Belt in Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu

2nd Degree Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

State Licensed Investigator for Adult Protective Services

Certified S. A. F. E. (Safety Awareness Fundamental Education) Instructor

Sensei Tom Scott is a retired police Lieutenant from the Sycamore Police Department. Lt. Scott has served over thirty years in the law enforcement profession starting in 1976 as a DeKalb County Sheriff's Police Explorer, Sandwich Police Dispatcher, Somonauk Police Patrolman, Cortland Police Officer, and various roles at Sycamore Police from juvenile officer, D.A.R.E./School Reasource Officer, investigator, under-cover officer, police arrest and control instructor, Elderly Service Officer, interim police chief  and Commander of Community Services. Tom is currently certified through the Illinois Department on Aging as an Adult Protection Services Investigator.  Tom has been practicing martial arts since the late 1970's has presented self-defense and safety programs to his community for over thirty years. Sensei Tom is an 8th degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate and certified to teach Tai Chi for Health and R.A.D Kids and R.A.D. for Women Safety programs. His dream to open up a family martial arts school became reality in early 2014 when he and his four black belt sons opened the doors to Hero Martial arts.

Tyler Scott has been training in the martial arts for over twenty years. Starting in Isshin Ryu Karate he has attained the master rank of 4th degree black belt. Teaching for over ten years, Tyler has instructed several different classes including children’s martial arts, elementary-high school physical education, after school programs, summer camps, women’s self-defense classes, and mixed martial arts coaching. Along with teaching, Tyler also competes in several forms of martial arts including kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). Tyler has won a national karate championship and is a former USKO cruiserweight champion in Kickboxing. He currently holds the TFC middle weight championship.

Tyler is currently employed in law enforcement with the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department.


4th Degree Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate

USKO Cruiserweight Champion

AKA National Champion

TFC Middle Weight Champion

Certified Teacher in Illinois

Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology/Physical Education

Law Enforcement Officer with DeKalb County Sheriff's Department.

Kenton Scott has been training in martial arts for sixteen years. Starting in Isshin Ryu Karate he has attained 1st degree black belt. Teaching for five years, Kenton has assisted in teaching martial arts classes with Thomas and Tyler Scott. Kenton has taken a leadership instructor role when teaching martial arts at a summer kids camp for two years and is currently instructing at multiple elementary schools with in DeKalb County. Kenton also competes in Muy Thai kick boxing matches and has a 3-0 record


1st Degree in Isshin Ryu Karate

Currently a College Student at Kishwaukee Community College

CPR and First Aid certified

Debbie Scott is the wife of Tom and mother of the four Scott boys and is also the Clinical Lead for Surgical Services at Kishwaukee Hospital. At Hero Martial Arts, Debbie can usually be found behind the front desk managing all the day to day tasks. If you have questions about payments, scheduling, or products ask her!
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